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Autophix OM126: The Advanced Universal Car Scanner for Efficient Diagnostics and Data Analysis

Autophix OM126 is an advanced universal car scanner offered by Autophix, a trusted brand in the automotive diagnostic tool industry. With its versatile functions and user-friendly interface, the Autophix OM126 provides a comprehensive solution for diagnosing and analyzing vehicle issues. This article highlights the key features and benefits of the Autophix OM126 universal car scanner, focusing on its ability to read codes, erase codes, perform I/M readiness checks, and provide real-time data stream analysis.

Streamlined Diagnostic Process with Code Reading and Erasing

The Autophix OM126 is designed to simplify the diagnostic process for mechanics and technicians. With its ability to read and erase codes, the OM126 provides quick access to vital diagnostic information stored in the vehicle’s onboard computer. By identifying trouble codes, professionals can pinpoint the underlying issues affecting the vehicle’s performance and take appropriate actions for repair and maintenance.

Enhanced Data Analysis with I/M Readiness and Data Stream Functionality

The Autophix OM126 goes beyond basic code reading and erasing functions. Its I/M readiness feature allows users to check the readiness status of emission-related systems, ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards. Additionally, the OM126 offers real-time data stream analysis, providing live data from various sensors and components in the vehicle. This feature empowers professionals to monitor critical parameters, detect anomalies, and make informed decisions for efficient repairs and maintenance.


With the Autophix OM126 universal car scanner, diagnosing and analyzing vehicle issues becomes a seamless process. Its comprehensive functionality, including code reading, code erasing, I/M readiness checks, and real-time data stream analysis, equips professionals with the necessary tools for efficient diagnostics and maintenance. Autophix remains a trusted brand in the automotive industry, delivering reliable and high-performing tools like the OM126.

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