11 Awful Amateur Blogger Mistakes [ Be Serious]

11 Awful Amateur Blogger Mistakes

You just began blogging?  And you are making silly mistakes as Amateur Blogger, I understand your problem because when I started blogging, at that time, I also faced a lot of restrictions.

So, today I am going to talk about amateur blogger mistakes which are extremely important.

Also, I have made a lot of mistakes as a beginner, I do not understand a lot about the blogging world.

Whatever it is, mistakes are constant errors, and if you want to be a successful blogger then you need to fix your errors immediately.

So, in this article, I’ve got a collected list of those mistakes That Each amateur blogger makes when they began their blogging trip.

You should check this post till the end, at that point you will find out about several missteps that you ought to stay away from as an amateur blogger.

 Utilize Free Domain


Using a free domain name is among the biggest mistakes That every amateur blogger makes in the beginning, I made that mistake in 2018.

However, after working hard in this free domain, I did not get any success. For that reason, a free domain is just a waste of time.

Also, I told you about a custom domain name, as a result of this I got insignificant results.

So, using a customized domain name That can get you more experience you deserve, and by registering a domain name, you can make your internet presence with your website.

Using a customized domain name provides you more freedom to do anything with your site and makes it possible to establish yourself as a new brand.

The most important thing is you can do anything with your custom domain.

If you’re a newcomer who’s committing this error, then I recommend you do not fix and purchase a modified domain name.

Since the completely open domain name cannot source you with the results which you deserve from the longer term.

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Some difficulty of using a Free Domain Name:

You Can Not Control That Domain Name: Free domain suppliers did not provide you complete access to this domain.

If you’re doing anything wrong with the area name, at that point the space has total openness to remove your area name, for that reason, you are going to lose your content.

SEO Unfriendly: Free domains cannot be indexed from the search engines correctly, and If you want money in the blogging sector then I do not want to give you any advice to proceed with Free DomainName. Buy a personal domain and make money amazingly.

Today, I am going to discuss the disadvantages of using a free domain name. and I believe today you will get a lot of information about it and you will be aware.

In case you believing that where you can get a domain name then you can visit domain name service providers such as Namecheap and siteground.

Not Selecting a Fantastic Hosting

use free hosting is mistakes of amateur blogger

You do not have great hosting or utilizing any hosting?

If Yes, then You’re making a massive mistake.

Great hosting is Vital for any blogger If You’re using any free platform to host your domain. Then it’s going to be a great mistake for you.

If you are using free hosting services like then you might have significantly less control over that particular site and in free hosting, you do not have enough options to personalize that website.

and if the hosting service provider shuts down then there’s more possibility that you can lose every single content.

If You’re a professional blogger Who’s making these types of error, Then I Advise you to transfer to a great hosting that Provides you a furious fast speed, you will find plenty of hosting available on the marketplace who say to Present Decent Speed, Unlimited Bandwidth and 24X7 Support,

However, do hosting providers offer much more value to the nation on their revenue pages?

Which Hosting will be best for Amateur Blogger?

There are a number of hosting companies that are providing amazing services. Also, nowadays, you will get Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals which extremely amazing for all of you. If you want you can grab A2 Hosting, Cloudways, Bluehost, Hostgator, Flywheel, and ipage deals.

If you ask me, then I advise you to go with siteground because they are providing excellent hosting services at extremely low prices.

Right now, thousands of websites hosted on Siteground, also I am not the only one who suggests the Siteground Hosting program.

Here Ways to buy Siteground Hosting:


In Siteground you’ll get 3 Strategies and also you can Buy any program according to your desire.

If you’re an amateur blogger then I suggest you proceed with the Startup plan because as a fresh site you do not have sufficient traffic so that strategy will be absolutely ideal for you.


Here you need to click “I have a domain” then enter your domain name and then click on the Proceed button.

Fill Your Contact Info Today

Once click the profits button, you will be redirected to the webpage and here you need to fill in your account info.

 Verify the Ailments

Now you have confirmed every single terms and condition.

Afterward, you got to click the pay now button and siteground takes time to examine the information that you have supplied.

Your Information will check because they just want to know that your information is right or wrong.

And that is the one and only way to buy your very first hosting from siteground.

Notice:  If you want to buy your hosting service then click here and buy your service pack and earn money online quickly. Or, If you’re using some cheap hosting and want to migrate your site to the siteground then it is possible to utilize their siteground migrator plugin to migrate your site.

What are the best themes?

There have several finest themes That You can use, however, if you don’t know about it properly or You’re confused to select a good one then, I have some themes which I use personally:


GeneratePress:  GeneratePress is a theme that I am using with this, according to me this is the best lightweight theme I used, this theme will give you lots of attributes That You can personalize your site.


As​​​​tra Guru: Astra theme is similar to GeneratePress, but this, generally, you have more attributes than it, I am using Astra in my affiliate site, also it works outstanding with Elementor.

Elegant Themes: Elegant Themes is just among the favorite themes, and should you buy this theme, you receive many themes and plugins (Include Divi, Boom, and Monarch).

If you’re interested in finding a lot of themes that you could use in your multiple sites, then you are able to go together I used it previously, and they supply live support which enables you to address your issue.

Note: In case you’re seeking to buy any theme, then be certain you to purchase it out of my affiliate links and get me a coffee?

Now let us move towards the one largest mistake which almost every amateur blogger makes when they just have begun. So, let’s find out your mistakes; which type of mistakes are you making we will find out those errors and fix every single problem.

So, read this article till the end because I’ve shared every type of mistake. Most importantly, you will gather a lot of advanced information about blogging.

Copy content without credit


We are discussing amateur blogger mistakes. Maximum bloggers make mistakes in writing.

Many bloggers believe that writing articles is the toughest job and that’s why they really love to copy other blogger’s articles without doing a while and without giving any credit.

And for that reason, they do not rank on google, Because the copy writes content.

If you copy someone’s article then google identifies it as Copywrite content. The most important thing is if you post several copy contents then google may paralyze your blog site.

I believe now this query rising in your head, “What is Plagiarism?”

So, If You’re doing this kind of error, then take a note and you should generate your own content. Remember one thing, your content must be unique.

As you see everyone has unique content and you have created the content yourself, it is also possible to provide your own personal touch to the personal site you provide, which may not copy what you provide to other sites.

If you want to be rich in the blogging field, at that moment you have to put content without anyone else.

And if you’re copying any sentence or taking any picture from any site, then trying to give them credit, which makes it possible to create a fantastic connection together.

I made this common mistake once I started, but gradually I realized it didn’t help me in the long run.

 Not Writing Consistently


This really is one of the major mistakes for Amateur Blogger that You Need to avoid at the moment when you are starting blogging professionally.

Since every blogger who just started, just write a couple of blog posts, and after a couple of months later when they didn’t get any results that’s why they just stop their site permanently.

But this Is Totally incorrect because you cannot determine the future of almost any site by writing only a couple of blog articles.

If You Would like to see some outcomes, then place’s more attempts in creating content and Do not stop after writing some articles. Write more blog posts perfectly and Be patient.

Keep writing regularly and place some light on keyword research to Receive your site noticed by google within a Couple of Months,

I understand in beginning, You Might Be faced many problems while writing blogs post, and Maybe once in a while, you have stuck at a specific stage.

But you should write a Blog post reliably, then it becomes your custom, and you may easily create content with no hurdle.

how can I write a great blog article if I don’t understand?

If You’re struggling to write a Fantastic blog article afterward, have to follow these measures that help you to make a Fantastic blog article quickly:

Find the perfect topic for your blog article (You can use a site like Quora or Reddit to locate tips) then do some keyword research about that subject and found a few excellent key words (For discovering keywords you can use a tool such as SEMrush)

As you summarize your blog article, you should start creating your own blog post, and you are intelligent to duplicate the specific plan every time and earn decent excellent content consistently. So, start your own blog and make money fast.

I believe today everything cleared for you, so let us proceed to another mistake that the newbie gets.

 Ignore List Construction

Ignoring a listing construction is just among those mistakes, I left when I began this site, and after five weeks of the site I began listing construction,

And today, I understand that list construction helps a great deal to drive quality visitors to your site, which generates revenue for you.

That’s why I would like to say that list construction is one of the most vital ways to generates revenue. So, you should consider it.

In case you’ve already started your own site and considering beginning list construction or perhaps not, then I suggest you go for it since email list construction is among the greatest ways to capture your faithful readers.

How does email list building help you?

You know that Google is changing their algorithm on a daily basis, and possibly 1 day, a couple of mishappenings can happen, and you additionally have punishment on your site, but at the time for you can acquire traffic and earnings using email advertising.

When you start your blog then start email list building right away. Otherwise, you can face several kinds of problems on your site.

What email advertising software you should use?

There have several types of tools in the Marketplace That You can use to perform email advertising. But I Would like to recommend you to proceed with Convertkit,

Because when I started email advertising on this site, I used an Inexpensive email marketing service that cost me about 10$/month but after using it for a month.

I started annoying since the mails that I am sending to my own readers are moving into promotional or spam code,

Then among my friend, john Mark gives advice me to proceed with Convertkit since he used that.

I am very happy because most of my emails are going into the main tab today, and with that, I am able to contact my faithful readers.

So, I want to say that if you use this one then you will get an advantage and it will help you to get regular visitors.

Why are Backlinks essential for beginner writers?

If You’re a fresher blogger, then your response will probably be “Yes” it’s, and that I agree with this, but new blogger includes a misconception which to rank a brand-new website You Need to Make a Lot of backlinks from the beginning

However, this is a wrong strategy,

Since every fresher blogger only starts a new site, makes several blogposts, then begins doing link building the next day, and I believe that is the reason why lots of new bloggers do not observe the results.

I made this exact same error at first, and in the excitement of setting it up a lot of effort towards the jump, I didn’t get any outcomes, so If you’re making this exact same mistake, then I advise that you stop this immediately.

When you should start link building?

I Suggest you, In the beginning, put more additional effort into generating content.

Also produce some no-follow backlinks by performing commenting on other’s sites because doing competitive blog advertising, in the beginning, will maybe impact your blog/website.

So, I advise that when you’ve got 30 – 100 articles on your site, then you Can Begin doing link building. But don’t rush towards the link building. Most importantly you have to concern about the content.

Because if your content is unique and informative then you will get benefit from google. So, initially give attention to your blog post. After creating several blogs post you should consider link building.

Do Not Affect Social Media Traffic


Why they do not get traffic?

Because they do not influence every single traffic source, a largely new blogger Depends upon the visitor which is Auto.

That means they write a blog post and wait for the organic traffic but it’s not an easy thing. But you can make it easy if you work properly.

However, they actually do not recognize that they are able to create rapidly the perfect number of visitors with social websites.

Once I began this site, I made social media visitors, which helps me to improve my ranking and generate my earning.

If You’re only relying on one traffic source, then I urge you to stop doing and start sharing your post on Social Networking. And You Can Also recognize that google indirectly loves social signs.

Can Google-like social signs?

Allow Me to share something with you which is extremely fascinating that will help one another to understand,

It’s believable to realize those query items have a growing cultural trait of a higher position site, as you can see in the cognitive SEO graphic described above.


Matthew Woodward shared in that study the content which has been shared thousands of occasions on Facebook helps them to Attain Top 10 ranking in google about the keyword “unhealthiest foods”

So, I think today you realize how social networking traffic assists your new site in ranking and Also lets you improve your site traffic. So, if want to get initial traffic then social can help you amazingly.

Share Just Your Content

Are you presently discussing another blogger’s content related to a marketplace?

The Common of the newbie blogger will reply that “we do not discuss other bloggers articles.”

Are they greedy?

No, it is a characteristic of a person to be childish in a certain way.

Yes, due to discussing other blogger’s articles, we create a fantastic relationship with them, which may help later on.

Blogging or any of your organizations, you need to follow along with choosing the principle, and should you obey this principle correctly and discuss other blogger’s articles, then your articles will be automatically shared with each blogger in your business.

The significant thing is if you want to grow your business then you have to communicate with other expert bloggers who can drive you towards the right way. And fix every single problem that your making.

In this way, moreover, you’re making precisely the same mistake, at that point I recommend that you stop it because It does not help you.

Not Sticking to Others

Not to cling to others

You know blogging is about a give and take a policy,

If you don’t connect with other people, you’ll get a backlink in return,

A few years ago, I also made the mistake of not linking to other bloggers and as a reason, I often reach out to them when I reach out to them and I have to warn you not to make the same mistake you already knew.

If you start linking to other Blogger articles, it can help you rank higher and quickly build relationships with other top bloggers.

And you will be benefited by those expert bloggers. So, I just want to say that communicate with each other so that you can get the benefits and gather some valuable information from them.

When I start my blogging career I am scared to spend on tools and in my understanding SC but slowly and steadily. I know that I am not likely to be a successful blogger without spending cash on the necessary things.

And once I start investing cash in my understandings, plugins, and resources, I’ve got a J-curve in my whole life and on my website as well.

So, if you also have to understand your own development. Stop making this mistake, start dropping your money from the things you need for your company and it can help your company grow 30x.

Are you confused about plugins? 

If you’re just starting your own site, create a budget for plugins and tools that can help you build your own success.

Are you confused about which plugin or tool you need to invest in? Then here is the list below:

Thrive Architect (Agree to Style Your Website)

Short Pixel (Boost Your Website Pictures)

Every company Requires some investment to get results quickly,

If you will take blogging for a company and spend your cash on it. You’ll see the results soon as compare with other bloggers that afraid to commit to their blogging company.

Robotic Approach

What are you thinking about your readers? They are robots or human beings?

If you think they are robots then that a big mistake for you. Because the maximum fresh blogger makes this mistake, they think their readers are robots they treat like this.

They use different types of language but they do not know how to use a personalistic word such as “you and I” in their blog so that readers can be attracted by their words.

Every time you should remember these two things that these two people are none other than, this is the writer and the reader.

So, this type of bad approach can make your readers unhappy.

No Expertise in niche

If you just want to make money from your blogging site. I can definitely say that you are not a passionate writer. You have no expertise in your topic.

Because blogging is just not about money it’s also about a hobby. If you write from bottom of your heart then people can connect heart to heart. Also, you can make money rapidly from your blog.

Because your word can motivate the people and every time they will come to get a solution in your niche. One day, you will become a successful blogger.

Many bloggers show their actual passion and amazingly select a profitable niche for their blogging site.

Selecting a profitable niche should be the 2nd choice because without passion you are not able to generate money with a highly profitable niche. So, passion is the most important than a niche.

5 Blog writing mistake

Which niche you’ve chosen that not an important thing but you need to know about the quality content. Every time you have to provide quality content that will generate organic visitors to your blog site.

Most importantly you have to take care of your grammar and typography.  It’s a really significant thing for you.

What You Are

If you can yourself as a remarkable blogger, you need to be careful with your words. Because your word will value the people. That’s why you need to understand what you are saying in front of the people.

Also, you should be honest and transparent to the community. Because your word has the ability to motivate the people. A silly mistake can make you embarrass in front of society.

Passive Form

Every single newbie blogger needs to know about the variations of these two things. Which is: “It’s Vs Its”.

Maximum fresher copy someone’s content and put on the tools, that’s an extremely dangerous thing. If you are rewriting the article that’s a totally different thing but doesn’t use any article spinner.

Because it will give you the nasty version of the content. And spinning articles has lots of meaningful errors. Like:

  • Long sentence
  • Passive Form of the sentence.

Most importantly, long sentences and passive forms of sentences both are difficult to read. So, avoid this kind of mistake and write your own content. But you can take ideas from everywhere in a particular niche.

Mixing Up Conversational and Generic Approach

I really love to enlighten the writing-related blog post which follows the conversational approach. Because It’s very beneficial for you when you will write an article.

If you are trying to use this method that means you have faced this type of problem. That’s why you’ve left the mixing up the habit and started a conversational approach in your writing.

Fulfill your word

Maximum newcomer bloggers just want to fulfill their word count for that reason, they use filter words. For example:

  • Many of the bloggers
  • Many bloggers

But you need to know these types of words might be grammatically correct but less meaningful. You should convey your words frankly so that people can connect easily.

And you’ve to understand that quality is more important than quantity.

Repeated your Ideas

I know that this is my bad habit to convey my message again and again.

You need to understand that web readers can feel irritating for repeating your ideas.

Sometimes you will realize that the ideas you mentioned in the content were not highlighted.

This reminds you to present the topic again. Saying the same thing over and over again, most importantly you can drop your value. Ideas are only welcome at one time.

So, this type of major mistake can less valuable for your article.

I think you enjoyed this article and learned something fascinating from it. If you like this content then you can do like and comment.

Also, you can share with your friends So that they can get benefit from it.

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