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Affiliate Marketing VS MLM 2022 (Network Marketing)?

Affiliate Marketing VS MLM (Network Marketing)?

you looking for an extra income or possibly a way to escape your mundane job, but can’t decide between Affiliate Marketing vs MLM?

As someone who has personal experience with both business models, I can confirm with hand on heart that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money and the only solution to your financial needs because MLM just won’t cut it!

This blog article might just ruffle a few feathers and I may come under fire from the “hustlers” in the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) industry, also known as the Network Marketing profession.

But I guess it’s perfectly natural for anyone to defend their territory when it’s under attack, right?

However, the most important thing here is for you to discover the truth about Affiliate Marketing and MLM, and that’s exactly what I intend to help you do!

So, buckle up for the ride!!

Affiliate Marketing VS. MLM – The Pros & Cons Exposed!

Let’s start with Network Marketing because I love to save the best till last.

The Pros

  • Make money as you learn to promote products/services and build teams
  • Attend training days and special company events
  • Meet people and make new acquaintances worldwide
  • Learn and practice personal development for self-confidence
  • Host and make appearances at team meetings
  • Team building fun days
  • Bonuses and incentives for hitting targets
  • Work at your own pace
  • Support from your upline
  • Earn residual income from some opportunities
  • Make as much money as you want
  • Financial Freedom


  • Promote over-priced products/services
  • Become a hustler by hunting down family, friends and others
  • Scam people out of money
  • Destroy friendships and relationships
  • Lose peoples trust and respect
  • Make plenty of enemies
  • Some MLM opportunities are “Pyramid Schemes
  • You will never own a business
  • Everyone you meet is your next “prospect
  • Create new friendships for the purpose of “money making
  • Financial Freedom takes years to accomplish (far too long)
  • Make money from others efforts
  • Pressure from your upline
  • Pressure from the company to reach targets
  • Pressure to fork out extra money for resources and events
  • Pay fees to get started and remain a member
  • Invest in the products/services, costing you even more money
  • Spamming social media with constant “sales pitches
  • MLM dictates your life
  • It’s not a true business model
  • Too many skeptical people who knock your confidence
  • Certain opportunities require you to order and distribute stock
  • Promotion of the same unexciting products/services
  • Too much of your effort, time and money goes to waste
  • Far too many Terms & Conditions
  • Many opportunities receive bad reviews
  • You will lose money and make very little
  • It’s a SCAM! Read more about the MLM scam!
  • I could go on? …

Pros VS. Cons of Affiliate Marketing


  • Make money online as you learn
  • Create an online business in any niche market that suits you
  • Build your own business from any passion
  • Choose the affiliate programs and products you want to recommend
  • It’s Free to get started online. No investment needed.
  • No need to chase people because they will follow you
  • Build trust and friendships with people
  • Network with other Affiliate Marketers
  • Earn a passive income from some programs
  • No boundary to the quantity of cash you can make
  • Earn a full-time income within 12 months and become financially free
  • Your business is online 24/7
  • Work on your online business whenever and wherever you choose
  • There’s no pressure from anyone
  • Some affiliate programs will offer you bonuses and incentives
  • Work only part-time and enjoy life
  • It’s a LEGIT business model
  • There’s a bigger opportunity to make money and quicker to build than MLM
  • You make money online from your own efforts
  • You can build a Free website to make the magic of Affiliate Marketing happen
  • It is EVERYTHING that MLM is NOT!

The “Not So” BAD

  • It will take hard work, patience and a little time to build
  • It can be frustrating at times, and there will be bad days
  • You may not see the results as quickly as you would like to
  • Sometimes it will feel as if you’re online business isn’t moving anywhere
  • You might feel like quitting

Yes, there are some cons to Affiliate Marketing, but they aren’t seriously that bad because if you consistently build your biz for long enough within a 12-month time-frame, you will see the changes you need and the income you deserve.

The key is to stay focused and continually push yourself for Awesome results from your Affiliate Marketing business.

What Are My Thoughts On Network Marketing? – It Stinks!

MLM, Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing or whatever people want to name it these days, is an unethical way for you to make money online or offline. As a “rep” or “distributor” for 3 failed online MLM opportunities and another failed one offline, you could say I have experienced my fair share of disappointments over the years.

I was tricked in to parting with my own money to invest in to products, services, and business building resources which held no true value.

The sole purpose of MLM is to bleed you dry and make everyone else suffer around you, whether you’re buying/selling products and recruiting people in to the scheme.

To recruit a big team of distributors in to your downline is going to take a number of years, and so will a sizable income that will allow you to retire comfortably from your job.

There are a few offline Network Marketers I know who have been slogging it out over the last 58 and 10 years, but who still haven’t attained financial freedom!

I should imagine they are extremely frustrated up to this point, and it sure is an extremely long wait to achieve their goals in life!

Opting out of MLM is the 2nd best decision I have ever made because I wasn’t prepared to keep scamming others out of cash, nor was I prepared to wait for the next 10 – 15 years or so before I could live my dream lifestyle.

However, even then I would have to keep working to help support my team, and never be truly free! Now, that would suck!

If you’re contemplating on joining up to the “next new big shiny” MLM opportunity, don’t do it because it will consume you. Oh, and did I mention your bank account too?

Why Affiliate Marketing Should Be Your 1st Choice

Since ditching the MLM industry, I luckily found my way into the Affiliate Marketing arena which was the 1st best decision I had made online, just in case you were wondering!

From the many good points, I have listed above, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out why you should give this legit business model a shot… It’s just so damn freak in AWESOME, if you ask me!

Sorry, if I’m getting a little over-excited, but it’s so true!

If you want to build a successful and sustainable business, then become an Affiliate Marketer because it requires no investment for you to get started, you can build a business around any passion of your choice, you get to choose the products you recommend, you will have so much fun (like me), your success rate will be so much higher than in MLM, you will earn a substantial monthly income (how much is dependent on you), you have the potential to outearn any Network Marketer, and in a much faster time too!

Plus, you will have both “financial” and “time” freedom thrown in to the mix and at your disposal!

Does this sound like a dream business to you?

Need I say any more, my friend?

So, how do you get started and become the next Super Affiliate, huh?

If you have any questions, or if you would like your voice to be heard on the subject, then please do share your lovely feedback below…

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