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Best Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest | Earn $1000 Per Month

Best Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is an incredible way to make money on Pinterest. If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer then Pinterest is one of the best ways to earn money online. Affiliate marketing for Pinterest which is really easy to promote your product.

According to me, this is one of the most significant questions which was asked by Pinterest users and my readers. They asked that is it really possible to monetize Pinterest through an affiliate program?

The answer is: Absolutely Yes!

I am doing affiliate marketing through Pinterest. So, I believe that I cam able to guide you in that way.

Pinterest permits affiliate link or not?

Pinterest has already announced that it is OK to use an authorized link on Pinterest as long as your link does not violate Pinterest’s costs.

Why are you thinking about Pinterest marketing?

If you want to make money online then making money online is the most effective and passive income. Because if you pin on Pinterest then your affiliate link will be there until you generate your sell.

So, this post may be a life-changer for you.

Firstly, create a pin and add an affiliate link on those pins. And wait and watch for your 1st sell. But remember one thing, don’t add your affiliate link randomly on those pins. You have to have a strong strategy for your Pinterest affiliate marketing.

Few Quick Questions about affiliate marketing on Pinterest:

Are you a blogger or do you have any blog?

Would you like to drive massive traffic to your blog site?

Do you know Pinterest has the ability to drive lots of visitors to your website or business?

In this article you will get every type of question’s answer, so read on:


Ultimate Guide to Make Money on Pinterest

Small business owner and a number of bloggers are using their Pinterest to get massive traffic and they are increasing their email list, also, they are making passive income with affiliate marketing for Pinterest.

Pinterest affiliate marketing has huge chances to attract their customers. Considering that more than 93% of customers buy their product using this platform.

What is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

Pinterest Marketing is when you mention products on Pinterest for your followers. If your followers buy these products, you’ll get a commission.

It doesn’t cost your viewers anything extra and it won’t hurt them or you if they buy using your link. On the differing; This is a great enjoyable condition.

Your viewers will get what they need and you will be paid. If they buy anything from your link, it doesn’t charge your viewers anything extra.

How to Add Affiliate Links on Pinterest?

If you want to add affiliate links on Pinterest, it’s really easy.

Add Affiliate Links on Pinterest

Firstly, you have to create a normal pin on your Pinterest account. You will find the plus sign under the search bar, then you can create your 1st pin. Just click on that plus sign.

Afterward, you have to fill in your pin’s title and description. The only thing left is to add your approved link and your picture.

I’m going to use Amazon Associates for my example (see my Amazon Associates review) because it’s a great general affiliate program.

Amazon has verified that their EU affiliates may use approved links on Pinterest.

If you’re worried, I’ll clear up the matter of keeping Amazon on your social media accounts.

You will face a problem if you are using the Amazon affiliate program.

You can’t use amazon’s product image, because they didn’t give any permission to use their picture.

So, we will create our pic like this:

You have to manage your affiliate link and your image for your pin.

You will get your affiliate link from the amazon associate program. what type of product do you like, you just search about that product and you will get a link.

Top of the affiliate associate page you will find sitestrip bar, you just put your product link and collect your affiliate link.

So now we need to get our pictures. Note that we cannot use any images from Amazon for this. We have to get our own.

There are a number of sectors that are great for getting amazing, free stock photos. I mention Unsplash and Pixels. Both have quite a wide variety and will not charge you.

If you want more stock photos, I advise avoiding posh replacements like Shutterstock or Adobe. I recommend the Canva Stock Photo service. It costs 95 12.95 per month and it is extremely valuable.

If you get a picture that is wider than tall, you will need to resize it. It’s a free feature on canvas and it doesn’t take more than a minute. Once we have our pictures and links we can pin them:

When someone goes to your PIN and clicks on the link, you get a commission when they purchase your product.

Ideas and Best Practice for Pinterest affiliate marketing

So, you understand how to create pins and how can you add affiliate program links.

Mentioned relevant product

This starting step will clarify that your all pins are relevant to your visitors and are getting benefits from here. Here, I am going to share niche and product which is relevant to each other.

Exercise: Workout in heart frequency monitor, CrossFit equipment, household kit.

Outside: Hiking equipment, tents, water bottles, backpacks

Home Living: Stylish bar stool, kitchen knife, TV set

Dogs: food, bowls, collars

Crafts: DIY equipment, craft supplies

Internet Marketing: Software, Marketing Tools, Courses

You have to attract your visitors so that they can happy to visit your website. I there have nothing beneficial then visitors won’t come back to your site. So, if you want to offer your audience something that can help them.

This will not help you to spam the affiliate links on all kinds of goods. Investigate your viewers. Know what your viewers needs and provide them with the best solution to get it.

Link test to buy guide or review

It will depend a moment on your topic. It may be a good idea to test how you can get the most sales.

I will try to link directly to the affiliate product from Pinterest and I will try to buy a link or guide with a review on your website.

You need to have the best tracking for this process, and it’s really easy. First of all, you have to understand about linking on the Pinterest post.

You have to detach your link for Pinterest and for buying guidance. It’s not a big problem for amazon associates.

Click your email address from the Associate’s Dashboard. Then click to manage your tracking IDs.

Spend the next month or see the following IDs. Send a portion of your PIN directly to member items and various PINs to assist or audit your buyers.

Think about the results after about a month and see what the most changes are achieving for you.

Disclose Affiliate Relations and Avoid Links cloaking

Almost all authorized networks will require that you have some disclosure regarding an authorized relationship. This is due to the FTC requirements for authorized networks.

These relationships should always be expressed in your PIN. Amazon in particular has a specific line for you:

You also need to pass the link cloaking. Pinterest’s policy of acceptable use makes it clear that your visitors need to know where they are going. I think Amazon’s short links will be an exception to this but I’ll stick to the full URL links.

Growing Your Pinterest

How you can grow your Pinterest and extend your business?

For this reason, you need to know how to grow your Pinterest followers so that you can get more sell from here.

Initially, you have to follow some significant thing which is an authentic account. Remember one thing, you have to create an authentic account.

then start publishing pins and create more boards so that visitors will get your intention. Also, follow other people.

Step 1: Create 10-12 Boards and Start Pinning on those Boards

Firstly, you have to create a new account and distinct several boards. I am talking about 10-12 boards that doesn’t mean you have to be exact.

You can create more than 12 or less than 12. But starting time 10 is the right number. Because when people look at your Pinterest account; it seems to be authentic and fascinating.

Here are some board ideas which will help you to create some great boards. Let’s check it:

Exercise: Heart frequency monitor, CrossFit equipment, household kit.

Outside: Hiking equipment, tents, water bottles, backpacks

Home Living: Stylish bar stool, kitchen knife, TV set

Dogs: food, bowls, collars

Crafts: DIY equipment, craft supplies

Internet Marketing: Software, Marketing Tools, Online Courses

The goal here is not to create 8 or 10 random boards, Approximately. You want to create a board that will be seen and respected by your future viewers.

You can create a board by going to your profile on Pinterest and clicking the plus button. You will have an option to create a board:

You can mark the privacy of your board if you want, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Some people prefer to mark their board secretly until they have a significant number of pins on their board.

We’ll pin enough that your board will be full in just a few days, so I don’t want you to have to mark it as confidential if you don’t want to.

After setting up your boards then you have to post accurately.

Pinning your own can be boring and time overwhelming. I suggest a tool called Tailwind for pinning for you. Tailwind lets you pin with mass.

You can schedule pins, attach them to your boards, and do valuable work for a week in just a few hours. That means, you should work so hard but your work will be valuable for your business.

Step 2: Start gaining your Followers on Pinterest

If you want to increase your Pinterest follower then you have to follow some strategy which will help you a lot. See a couple of fundamental ways to increase follower:

You should start following your other profiles after filling out a few boards and getting some published PINs.

These should be your niche but they don’t have to be carbon copies of your Pinterest profile. You can get a few followers this way, but the point here is to create a reliable profile.

Pinning popular content is the best way to get a massive follower on your profile.

I suggest you pin the already popular content because you know you have a viewer for it. This content has been effective in the past so you know it can be popular in the future. When you publish it, might be it can be great for you.

I must say that It’s not hard to do. Just go to your Pinterest account and search your niche.

An overall general guideline is that any of the top pins are quite effective. Furthermore, since you will stick 30-50 pictures for each day, you can choose a great deal of these pictures.

I suggest doing this for half a month. In case you’re sticking at the rate that I suggest, rounding out your sheets, and repining astonishing substance, your supporter check ought to be on the ascent.

You can likewise start sticking partner substance or pins that divert clients to your site. When you have a couple hundred devotees, it’s an ideal opportunity to scale your Pinterest activity.

Step 3: Scale of Pinterest

You have a number of boards and you’re pinning a lot. You’ve made hundreds of followers and your account is probably starting to get some cracks.

At the moment, you have a full profile, looks authentic, and has some followers of your own. You are starting to join group boards to scale the operation.

These are spaces where numerous people can link and post their pins. When someone links a group board, all their followers also link the board. This board has 67 pinners but a total of 271,903 followers.

When you link a group board, your followers will be able to see the PIN of someone other than you. This can be a bit of a hassle for your followers.

But you’ll have access to a huge number of blindfolds in a matter of seconds because these 271,903 followers will now see your posts.

Best Top 10 Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

Check the list of 10 best affiliate marketing on Pinterest which will bring you tons of money from online. Here you go:

3D Cart: Best for building an e-commerce business

Dollardig: Freebie site

Unique Rewards: Cashback site

Unicaped: Coupon site

Freshbooks: Accounting software

Pulse: Technician solution provider

CuraDebt: Rail relief service

Grammar: Grammar checking software

ShareSell: Affiliate Marketplace

Telwind: Pinterest Pin Scheduler

Frequently Ask Questions:

Why Should you Choose Pinterest?


I would like to say that after starting the Pinterest account, you start work and get success overnight, it’s not the easiest thing to do.

If you think Pinterest is a marathon then that’s going to be a better thing. If you want to get success then pin as much as possible and take a time to get success.

Does Pinterest allow affiliate links?

Pinterest has already announced that it is OK to use an affiliate link on Pinterest as long as your link does not violate Pinterest’s costs.

Why are you thinking of Pinterest marketing?

If you want to make money online, making money online is the most effective and passive income. Because if you pin on Pinterest, your authorized link will be present until your sale is written.

How Does Pinterest Make Money 2020?

If you want to money from Pinterest then you can do affiliate marketing on Pinterest. This is one of the major and easy ways to make money online.

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