A Guide on How To Make a Survival Pack

A survival pack is a kit that consists of basic supplies and tools that enable an individual to survive during an emergency. You will find these kits in lifeboats, spacecrafts, or military aircraft in many cases. Also, hikers and campers always pack a survival kit during their travels. You can make a survival pack using simple steps like the following.

1. Water

You must ensure you bring water as part of the items in your survival pack. Depending on your emergency, you may need to stay hydrated until you find help. According to health professionals, many people succumb to dehydration faster than you can assume. So, ensure you keep at least one bottle of water in your survival pack before leaving home. Also, in the case of an emergency, try to ration your water to help you survive longer before you run out.

2. Flashlights

If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and there are chances that you will spend the night in the dark, a flashlight will come in handy. Do not forget to keep a flashlight in your survival pack, as it will help you navigate dark areas during the night. Also, when choosing a flashlight, be sure to pick one that is solar-powered. It will help you avoid the stress of finding a place to charge while in the middle of nowhere. You can also bring extra batteries if there is enough room in the bag.

3. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must-have for any survival pack. Like choosing a flashlight, you must know the necessities of a first aid kit. For example, a standard first aid kit must include a disinfectant, cotton roll, exam gloves, aspirin, scissors, bandages, and safety pins. You can add other items if you have a bigger first aid kit but ensure you have essential items in your kit.

4. Map and Compass

If you plan to go camping or for a hike, you will need a map of the local area. Bring a map regardless of knowing the area. Some hikers assume they understand a trail perfectly until they are lost due to unpredictable changes in the trails or weather conditions. It is best to have a map of the entire location and a compass to find accurate directions.

5. Whistle

At some point, you might need to signal for help in the case you get lost. However, your voice may not be loud or high enough to reach a longer distance. In this case, a whistle will play a huge role in getting the attention of potential hikers or campers within your area. A whistle has a high pitch that can travel great distances, making it easier to hear your signal.

6. Duct Tape and Plastic Sheeting

As you fight to survive in the unknown, you might need a few tools to make your struggle easier. If you did not manage to bring a sleeping bag or tent, you might need to make a natural tent from branches and leaves. The only way you can create a stable structure is by using duct tape. Together with plastic sheeting, you can manage to combine all available tools to create a temporary tent to shelter you at night.

7. Dust Mask

You will likely encounter lots of dust when you are out in the open. For instance, if you go hiking on dry land, you will be exposed to wind and dust. If you did not bring a dust mask, you could easily catch the flu. You don’t want to fall sick when out and alone, so ensure you get a dust mask. You can also use a cloth to cover your face without a dust mask.

8. Food

Do not solely depend on your hunting skills to find food. You should include chocolate bars, canned tuna, dried fruits, or peanut butter in your survival pack. Food rich in protein and sugars will keep you energized as you try to find your way to safety.

You will also need a cellphone with backup batteries for emergencies and if you have the cash, buy a satellite phone. It has better range and reception than a cellphone, which increases your chances of communication in the case of an emergency.

The items above are some of the essentials that make up a safety pack. If you have more room, you can add other necessities, but ensure it is nothing heavy that might wear you down.


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