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5 ways to get more engagement on your instagram profile


In 2022, your Instagram profile has the potential to serve as the second website for your business and for brand building. It has now evolved to be the creator of brand trust, social proof, and true engagement that can help you fetch prospects and customers to boost your business. 

Nowadays most brands are primarily focusing on expanding your Instagram followers or trying out tools like Instagram Reels, Instagram Live, and Instagram Shopping, or even buy real instagram likes from, you first ascertain what your target audience’s needs and interests are. Let’s see some ways to engage the audience.

  • Interact with viewers 

The first thing to keep your audience motivated and engaged is to answer follower comments, DMs, and questions. By actively participating in the conversation, followers can feel seen and heard, and this helps you gain engagement. Take it one step further by commenting on posts made from your accounts. They will be thrilled as they hear from you, this may lead other followers to tag you with their own content on Instagram. 

Video content has now evolved as the best way to enhance engagement on Instagram. If you plan and use it strategically, video content can bring you long-term benefits. You can choose the best video size as per your convenience, but we recommend only the vertical and square types as they are fitted for all devices. 

  1. Be Creative with Instagram Stories 

Instagram Stories now play a great part in the development of the Instagram platform. Originally this clone of the Snapchat story, it has taken over the market, and has shown results to businesses. 

The concept of Instagram shorts are much different from the traditional feed and this disappears from your profile after 24 hours, this makes your users more eager to wait for what you upload next. The other reason why it is best for building your profile is because it offers a variety of interactive stickers. Among different ways of interaction, running a vote, hosting a Q & A, or use the emoji slider are popular. The possibilities are endless. 

With more posts,  Instagram Story can briskly generate interest and engagement of people following you. Because they are short-lived, there are chances to explore numerous things in the short videos to promote engagement every time you upload. People have no choice but to take a look to find their subject of interest.

  • Bold Caption 

Increase engagement on instagram with the help of long, detailed and engaging captions you put along with your content. Captions can help you to impress and enhance your fan base. Audience research, optimal length, proper keyword placement, branded hashtags, and mentions, are some of the ways of perfect captions. 

You should further give the subpoena to motivate your viewers to like, comment, and share. Most people aren’t aware of the up to 2,200 characters in Instagram captions yet, so minimize but be thoughtful. This factor is very important and affects the performance of your Instagram posts. You can share some fascinating facts in the captions to make it more interesting. 

  • Schedule Instagram posts during peak hours 

You should have time to post in particular. Google “The best time to post ” and you’ll find results for varied sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. We also have some advice on when it’s best to post to these networks. The big difference with Instagram is that you won’t be able to schedule these posts until they are recent posts. 

  1. Post the right number of posts 

If you know that an Instagram post is equal to 10 likes, 5 visits to your home page,at least two among them can show interest in what you trade. In fact, that’s exactly how some people deal with social media. 

The type of marketing and the approach to gaining customers vary. You can’t post often and expect consistent results. Nor can you post only once a week and expect someone to pay any attention to you. Therefore, there must be a visual balance.  

If you post only once a day, try posting twice a  week. And try posting every other day. So if that makes a difference in your engagement, you have hit the bull’s eye. Look at your overall engagement for the week and analyze what works best for you.


We hope that these strategies will have fruitful results for your brand, business, or personal account. Before you start, make sure you have the resources you need. Fully understand each section and dig deeper into the opportunities for growth and innovation on Instagram.  Start today and become a proud owner of a successful Instagram account.

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